Blue Economy Future operates a specialised consultancy service. Our approach is to empower human potential through active inclusive stakeholder engagement; results driven research that strives to be practical with meaningful, engaged outcomes. We focus on practical awareness, identifying climate change, blue, green and circular economy opportunities and finance, training and entrepreneurship approach through all stages of a project; including monitoring and evaluation whilst being accessible; focusing on empathy. Blue Economy Future extends beyond just offering traditional consulting and project management services to facilitating entrepreneurship and courses, devising curriculums and manuals; policy advice, implementation, increased fund-raising, facilitation and awareness of news, events, initiatives and opportunities. It has established a significant global network and series of partnerships.


Our sustainable, climate change, environment, green and blue economy experience extends to the legal, laws, policies, socioeconomic, events and latest technological/knowledge updates with work experience in a variety of ocean/blue economy areas. These include ocean governance, illegal and unregulated fishing, undersea exploration, marine protected areas; marine renewable energy; ocean governance and sovereignty/maritime law, ocean pollution reduction and the circular economy, small harbours, marine renewable energy, to cruise and marine tourism to biotechnology entrepreneurship, education, business, drones, ship repair, digitisation, actual blue economy strategies, space economy, maritime law, ocean governance, logistics, blue economy finance and psychology.


Recent project examples include Liberia’s first ocean industry/blue economy, marine and coastal ecosystem study for Conservation International, Durban’s Blue Oceans Economic Strategic Framework, advising on current global and South African ship repair markets and a socioeconomic valuation of the sector, risks and opportunities of the Benguela Current Region for the Benguela Current Convention (Namibia, Angola and South Africa). Others include monitoring and evaluating the Durban Oceans Champs/Durban-Bremen Marine Environment Education Network and advising on the implications of the 4th Industrial Revolution for maritime education and training.

How do we resolve any of Earth and humanity's challenges?What should we change and why?

How do we create a blue, green, climate, space or any other economy future? What should we avoid? How are we acting? What are the risks, choices, the opportunities? Where do we find the people, resources, information, funding and opportunities to make it a reality?


What is your idea, your dream, your hope, your fear?

How do we change things and why?


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