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Future of African Maritime Education and Economies

 Tired of rejectionn and not reaching people ? Somewhere to Publish -Open Network?

..Entities do not know who to go or where to find and nor do those who as experts; entrepreneurs,, organisations, NGO's, communities or individuals.Blue Economy Future proposes creating databases/lists of experts or others committed; those with proposals worth funding and supporting; or those offering investments/mentors ;or seeking specific positions/support for their initiatives with a more customised service? Anyone seeking to advertise/register and join the solution or help/guidance please contact me  via jad(at)blueeconomyfuture.org.za


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Terra Vivae Climate Change/Green Economy Opportunities


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Do you wish to save the world or make a difference but can't find others to aid you?

Do You Wish To Dream Of A More Prosperous, Brilliant. Fantastic World And Dare To Discover And Participate In a Sustainable Blue, Green And Climate proofed Economy and Space Economy Future?



So, the Earth -fairly impressive place; birthplace of humanity and of all species… As far as we know, the only credible source hosting life in the entire Universe… It’s been our home for eons… Now its threatened… Now is the time to act and we have to be the ones to act as the last generations to actually do something. I share my ideas and visions. This website seeks a voice for those who strive to make a difference, the voiceless, the impotent; the enraged; those who dream of a better world; those who are contributing to it and wish to be heard, wish to mobilise others, those who seek resources or even to be known they are not alone READ MORE


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  30 July 2021 19.00 to 20:30 UTC Ocean Ecosystem/Climate Restoration Roundtable and Network of the World Ocean Council -email info@worldoceancouncil.org to join

World Ocean Council and Global Blue Innovation Network Roundtable  31 May-email info@worldoceancouncil.org

IUCN World Conservation Congress 2021 3-11 September 2021