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Per aspera ad astra. Carpe Diem

Jack Dyer’s current goals can be summarised in the philosophy of life to which he aspires: Carpe Diem! Make a difference! He always sought to be an academic, desirous of practically implementing change and with my parents have sought always the best education possible –from the best; to cultivate his talents and personal interest in scholarship. From growing up on an airfield, the country and a garden city, his dream has gazed towards the celestial aether, striving for humanity to colonise among the stars. Continuously aware of the miracles of Gaia, the potential of other species, the fury of the Elements, throughout his existence, appreciation for its fragility, ingenuity, creativity, utility, beauty and serenity, inspired the desire to not only save it but aid it. tThis is whether helping a bug to more actively defending it through research and action. From an early age, travelling throughout the aether, oceans and various lands, human, natural and celestial achievements have prompted not only this passion but a conscious wish to save it. This is entwined with a firm resolve not to forsake the childish faculty of wonder, inspiration, curiosity, appreciation, virtue and sense of loyalty towards the planet that has made existence and sentient life so possible.

From a decidedly unconventional upbringing and family, tempered by an unusual diversity of experiences amid one of the world’s most paradoxical countries: South Africa followed by economics in Europe, a South African Master’s in maritime law/economics, he overcame several disabilities and numerous challenges, avidly pursuing his life goals. He is a current academic, awaiting the fate of his PHD on climate change impacts for Pacific blue economies and business supply chains. His research and actions overcame the four principle barriers to creating a sustainable future: Uncertain information, finance, creating an economic value for ecosystems as incentives and above all else; overcoming human psychological reluctance to prioritise climate change. He recently served as a Lecturer in Ports, Logistics and Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change and Food Security; whilst simultaneously working as a developmental consultant specializing in the maritime, space and climate change/green economies. He currently serves his long-term goals and aspirations though research and innovation; devising various projects designed to aid Africa’s and Earth’s ocean economy, climateproof and futureproof vulnerable communities, and ecosystems against various emerging 21st century disruption risks; threatening a business as usual future.

He facilitates vocational guidance and employability /entrepreneurship skills across his students and others. From devising the future of his country’s space research to fuel farms, dry and seaports, maritime education and the economy, to drones, universities, drag racing strips, aquaculture, cruise tourism, customs law, a model to improve banking sector stability; to terraforming Earth to blue economy finance; his eclectic research interests, seeking to mobilise myriad stakeholders. He ultimately aspires to prove the seemingly impossible is possible, to inaugurate a true African and Southern Hemisphere Renaissance, to instil Carpe Diem; Africa can enforce its own sovereignty by investing in its future economies, research and those with dreams, ultimately matter in reality. This website and movement occurred when having realised fully how much formal institutions and leadership really wish to avoid acting, ignoring those with the will, energy, ideas and potential to progress them, ourselves and the planet further.

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