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So, the Earth -fairly impressive place; birthplace of humanity and of all species… As far as we know, the only credible source hosting life in the entire Universe… It’s been our home for eons… Now its threatened… I once believed in the remote prospects of our leaders, academics, formal institutions -but talk is cheap -Carpe Diem. But they are not willing to serve or save us. They refuse to listen and show little inspirational ideas of their own for the most part of the plagues truly blighting us. And so perhaps an Eco-Revolution, resurgence of those who care, who wish to matter and for us to pursue our lives under “business as normal conditions”. The IPCC and others have already exposed this to be an impossible fabrication. Yet many of those in power are actively regressing on promises and betraying those whom abdicated both power and responsibility to them.

Now is the time to act and we have to be the ones to act as the last generations to actually do something. I share my ideas and visions. This website seeks a voice for those who strive to make a difference, the voiceless, the impotent; the enraged; those who dream of a better world; those who are contributing to it and wish to be heard, wish to mobilise others, those who seek resources or even to be known they are not alone. But words are no longer enough. We need to act to defend all we value. There is no global coalition or localised state where the environment, climate change, space or scholarship to uplift our species or existence; are the overall. Few businesses or leaderships are thinking long term -beyond decades, to centuries and beyond -or they would not distract themselves with. Few have shown themselves to mobilise resolves for effective, long term change. We need to strive to achieve worthwhile dreams by any means possible, if they are to occur in reality -to strive to dare to dream to create the humanity and planet we always want to

And if there are few reasons why we should seem to care -it is our future. Images such as the ones throughout this website, remind us of our planet's miracles. We also need to mobilise our own capacity and resolve to change. Perhaps we need to censor and act against those who would squander our future, who care not for the miracle of life, any species, any miracle and privilege of being alive. With privilege comes responsibility. We are seeing through extreme events manifesting that actions have consequences. But if we do not wish to give up we need to act. Its up to us to climateproof or futureproof against disruption. Governments, corporations and technology are too little, too late. Hollywood has imaged graphically the perils of multiple extreme scenarios and hubris of absolving our actions.

Otherwise if we dream of a brighter future, a more prosperous, sustainable world and a better humanity; then, welcome to a vision of Earth’s climateproofed, futureproofed blue economy future…


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